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Vashti​Dance Theater 

Our mission is to uplift, empower, inspire, and educate through dance and music performances, workshops, and events that blend the vernacular, traditional, and classical in an authentic contemporary perspective featuring live music and thought provoking choreography rooted in historical and socially relevant themes.  

VashtiDance Theater offers engaging educational workshops in percussion, dance, and crafts. We have instruments that can be rented for your workshop that we will load in and out for your workshop event, and offer workshops in dance and percussion combos as well as separately. We offer workshops in Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, and African Dance; as well as crafts include, accessory instrument construction, jewelry, and costuming.  We also offer virtual workshops. 

As an extension of our workshops, we also offer residencies, a series of workshops either in percussion, dance, or crafts that can be a combination of these disciplines or one single focus. We offer virtual and in-person residencies that can be tailored to your goals and offer a culminating event or performance.