VashtiDance Theater offers multiple programming options to experience our unique approach to dance and music, including residencies, workshops, lecture-demonstrations, concerts, and performances. To book any of our programs please contact us at or at

Residencies are extended periods of specialized training in one of 4 areas of interest or combination of any, including Contemporary Dance, African Dance, Percussion, and Health and Wellness.  Residencies immerse participants in study of technical and cultural facets of the chosen discipline. The length and focus of each residency is tailored to fit the specific needs of your program, group size, and is specific to the participants. Residencies culminate with a performance of participants or by VashtiDance Theater’s professional company of talented artists.

Themed Residencies
Contemporary Dance Intensive
Intensive study in contemporary dance technique emphasizing skill development, increasing range and technical ability.

African Dance Intensive
Intensive study in African dance technique emphasizing skill development, increasing range and technical ability, and well as cultural origin of traditional dances.

African Percussion Intensive
Intensive study in African percussion and cultural tradition emphasizing skill development and increasing technical ability.

Contemporary Percussion Intensive
Intensive study in Contemporary Percussion (drum set, congas, accessory instruments) emphasizing skill development and increasing technical ability

Rite of Passage Intensive
Intensive study in cultural tradition with emphasis on developing responsible character, poise, eloquent speech, and self-esteem. Includes artistic training in dance or music. (African or Contemporary)

Beauty and Ease Restorative Residency
Intensive study in health and wellness, emphasis is on developing healthy habits for prosperous living including healthy diet, exercise plan, hygiene and self care with artistic study in either dance or music (African or Contemporary. )

Workshops are single occurrence intensive studies in one of six disciplines including Contemporary Dance, African Dance, Percussion, Instrument Construction and Repair (djembe, shkere), and Health and Wellness. Workshops for all ages and populations and occasions can be tailored to fit your needs and includes events for youth programs, families, arts and cultural organizations, corporate events and professional development.

Lecture Demonstrations:  Educational Music and Dance Performances
Lecture-Demonstrations are interactive educational performances ranging in duration from 15-45 minutes and include both excerpts of dance and music works as well as information on the historical and cultural context of the work presented and the artistic process.  Lecture-Demonstrations include talk-backs where the audience is invited to ask questions and participate with guided instruction in dance or music. Our lecture demonstration can be tailored to a chosen theme and engage and interact with the audience to fosters unity, inspiration, and creativity.

Theme Based Lecture Demonstrations

Celebrating Lesser Known African-American Heroes
Through dance, music, and spoken word this program highlights the lives and
accomplishments of lesser known African-Americans, and is an innovative option for
celebrating African-American History Month, Kwanzaa, and any time.

Celebrating the Advancements of Women
This program focuses on the advancements and struggles of women from a multi- cultural perspective highlighting the importance of celebrating her story as well. Ideal
for Women’s History Month Celebrations and all year as well.

This program guides audiences through the celebration of Kwanzaa, describing the
Nguzo Saba (7 principles) and giving examples of how to celebrate each. Very
interactive presentation that will unify audiences to Harambee or pull together.

Gratitude and Harvest
This program incorporates multi-cultural harvest celebration traditions from around
the world to involve audiences in a celebration of the plenty of the Earth, encourages
audiences to adapt eco-friendly habits and experience gratitude.

Tribute to the Greats: Survey in African-American Presence in Contemporary Dance
Katherine Dunham, Pearl Primus, and Alvin Ailey, three of many who paved the way with successful and revolutionary dance careers. This program highlights accomplishments through a program of dances based on their work.

The Universal Language of Music
This program focuses on multiculturalism in music and features original compositions and traditional arrangements celebrating the passion and beauty of music.

Dance and Music from Around the World
This program celebrates the cultural diversity with traditional arrangements of cultural dances and rhythms from Guinea, Congo, Cuba, Senegal, Haiti, Mali, Liberia, and the US.

Concerts and Performances
VashtiDance Theater performs both full evening concerts with one intermission including live music and dance performance as well as short performances that can be included as part of your event.  We are able to accommodate many themes  and venues.  We are diversity in our style and can provide music and dance or just music for your event.  Our goal is to make every event we participate in extra special by bring exceptional artistry, positive energy, and an inspiring, amazing experience. Please review our Repertoire listing for a description of the works that we offer for concerts and performances.